How have the measures affected ease of access for restricted mobility residents and road users, such as the disabled and elderly?


The loss of taxi ranks has meant that it is far harder for disabled individuals to travel easily in the area. Many disabled or elderly individuals require access to black cabs, all of which have space for wheelchairs and ramps which guarantee ease of access. However, the measures mean that these individuals will have to travel further, such as to a side street, in order to hail a taxi, a process which can be time-consuming and physically challenging. The Council has already acknowledged this, but has not responded.

Additionally, the measures have rendered the taxi bay outside the Tavistock Hotel unusable by the disabled and elderly that travel by taxi and require ramp access. As a result, they now have to travel approximately 50 metres with bags to reach the hotel or a taxi. This creates significant inconveniences which clearly haven’t been resolved by the Council.